5 Questions With Tyler Ramsey


via Do617

Sylvia sat down with Tyler Ramsey before his show tonight at Great Scott!

The songs on the new album For The Morning were written during a time in your life where there was much change. (near the end of lead guitarist/songwriter with Band of Horses, the birth of your daughter and a move to the country). How did this album (and its title) come about?

The song “for the morning “ was written on the piano with my infant daughter in her carrier on my chest. It somehow marked the beginning of the new group of songs that came for this album, and also for me it symbolized the massive shift that was happening in my life. To me, this album and the story around it began there at the piano so I decided to make that song title the title of the album as well.

What can fans expect on this tour? Will any of the songs you penned for BOH make the setlist?

I think fans can expect songs from all of my previous work, including the songs from those albums- the fun part has been reworking old material and reshaping into a live setting with the band I have been lucky enough to play with.

If we turned on your music player right now, what artists/songs would we see on your playlist?

I’ve been on tour a lot and listening to tons of different things- I will say the main things that have been on repeat lately are Strand of Oaks “eraserland”, Cass Mccombs “tip of the sphere”, Mountain Man “magic ship”, and the new Damien Jurado- those are just the new ish releases!

What is your favorite song to perform live?

That changes from day to day, but lately playing the instrumental “darkest clouds” into the song “firewood” from the new album has been great- it’s fun to see the audience react to that.

What else is coming up for you?

A lot of touring this year- my first solo Europe tour, some fun festival dates with my band, and hopefully more duo shows with Carl Broemel. I’ve also been recording some instrumental music at home- going to see what that can turn into when I have time to work on it some more.