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Tyler Ramsey (formerly of Band of Horses) and Carl Broemel (My Morning Jacket) met when their two respective projects went on tour together. Since that day they’ve tossed around the idea of going on a solo tour together and thus the “West Coast Duo Quest” was born and booked without them ever having sat down to play a song with each other. With two very strong solo efforts, Ramsey and Broemel match their musical intuition and introspective and mellow songwriting skills to create a magical live experience.

With Ramsey’s latest solo release For the Morning and Broemel’s release of a 7 track EP of covers Brokenhearted Jubilee inspired by the days of old cassette mix tapes, the duo have a vast array of material under their belts. Stopping into Studio 1A ahead of their sold out show at the Cactus Cafe, the pair talk about the journey of touring together, bonding over both being father’s on the road, and their desire to write and record a party record despite their previous releases being a bit more low-key.

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Tyler Ramsey draws inspiration from nature. He lives among mountains and rivers, his creativity flourishing among the trees and fields. It’s a natural and pure existence that lends itself to his musical vision. The Ramsey home is in North Carolina and the new Tyler Ramsey album, For The Morning, was born from times spend hiking in the forests, walking in the fields, and swimming in the streams.

For The Morning is the fourth solo album from Ramsey and his first in more than seven years. It’s also the first solo album he’s released following his time in Band of Horses, where he spent roughly a decade as guitarist and backing vocalist. Although this album comes in the wake of his 2017 departure from the band, its first seeds were planted while he was still very much active as part of the band. For The Morning reflects the difficulties Ramsey faced as a touring musician, and as a new father forced with being away from his home. It’s a human response that matches the surroundings from which the album emerged.

It was great to welcome Ramsey back to the Studio A with this terrific new album in hand. He’s visited with us in the past (including a session with Band of Horses), and this time he brought his own band to perform songs from his wonderfully organic album, For The Morning.

Magnet Exclusive: Download Tyler Ramsey's 'Breaking A Heart'


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Tyler Ramsey’s “Country Teen” was arguably the best thing about Band Of Horses’ Why Are You OK. So it makes some sense that he broke from the group a year after the album’s 2016 release to resume his solo career. “Ten years is a long time in any relationship, except for maybe a marriage,” says Ramsey. “Especially with a bunch of dudes who are basically living together and carrying all the stereotypical baggage of being in a rock band.”

With the new For The Morning (Fantasy), the versatile multi-instrumentalist has found common ground between the subdued acoustic nuance of his previous work and the lush Americana grandeur of Band Of Horses’ Grammy-nominated 2010 album, Infinite Arms. Nowhere is that reconciliation more evident than on “Your Whole Life,” “A Dream Of Home” and “Breaking A Heart” (the last track available here as a free download). With its pronounced Laurel Canyon vibe, “Breaking A Heart” sounds like some lost Desperado-era Eagles gem, though with a mist-shrouded Appalachian soul. “The chorus was looping around in my head for a while,” says Ramsey. “I had everything written for the song, but there were a few lines troubling me, so I called my dad and we came up with the last few lyrics 20 minutes before I tracked the vocals.”

Seasoned singer/songwriters Thad Cockrell and Molly Parden provide harmony vocals on the song, and the fluid pedal-steel accompaniment comes courtesy of Music City session ace Russ Pahl. “Russ did it in Nashville and sent the files over,” says Ramsey. “I was literally jumping up and down when I heard it.”

When he’s not on the road, Ramsey lives with his wife and daughter on an idyllic piece of rural real estate 14 miles from his hometown of Asheville, N.C. Much of For The Morning took shape during Ramsey’s regular writing excursions into the woods on his property. He took the demos he made at home to La La Land studios in Louisville, Ky., where he worked with engineer Kevin Ratterman and longtime friend Seth Kauffman (Jim James, Lana Del Rey). Finishing touches came at Fleetwood Shack, the Nashville studio of former Band Of Horses bassist Bill Reynolds, who departed the group the same year as Ramsey.

Not that Ramsey is opposed to looking back. For The Morning includes “Evening Country,” a full-band variation on “Evening Kitchen,” from Infinite Arms. “It was the only thing on Infinite Arms that was super bare bones,” he says. “That was the dimension I was really pushing in that band, trying to give fans something that’s more intimate. It was fun to have that influence.”

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