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The Duo Is Coming To Jamaica!


We're bringing the Duo to Jamaica! Very excited to perform with Carl Broemel at Gov't Mule's Island Exodus 11 January 19-23 in Runaway Bay, Jamaica. The host resort is sold out, but we hear there are some rooms available at the sister resort, so book yours now and come escape the winter with us!

GOV'T MULE (3 2-Set Shows)
WARREN HAYNES ("Q & Play" Set)
HOT TUNA (2 Electric + 1 Acoustic Sets)
+ Special Guest RON HOLLOWAY

Special "Exodus-Eve" Performance by MELVIN SEALS & JGB on January 18*

Artist Poster Signing with Gov't Mule and guests
Matt Abts Drum Clinic
Danny Louis Golf Outing
Sax On The Beach with Ron Holloway
+ More To Be Announced Shortly

*must purchase an extra night to attend

Island Exodus is ALL INCLUSIVE meaning that all meals and beverages (including all liquor, beer, wine, frozen drinks, champagne, etc), a variety of activities and water sports, and round-trip airport to resort ground transportation are all included in the cost of your package. For more information on Island Exodus and the resorts, visit

KUTX Studio 1A Session With Carl Broemel


via KUTX

Tyler Ramsey (formerly of Band of Horses) and Carl Broemel (My Morning Jacket) met when their two respective projects went on tour together. Since that day they’ve tossed around the idea of going on a solo tour together and thus the “West Coast Duo Quest” was born and booked without them ever having sat down to play a song with each other. With two very strong solo efforts, Ramsey and Broemel match their musical intuition and introspective and mellow songwriting skills to create a magical live experience.

With Ramsey’s latest solo release For the Morning and Broemel’s release of a 7 track EP of covers Brokenhearted Jubilee inspired by the days of old cassette mix tapes, the duo have a vast array of material under their belts. Stopping into Studio 1A ahead of their sold out show at the Cactus Cafe, the pair talk about the journey of touring together, bonding over both being father’s on the road, and their desire to write and record a party record despite their previous releases being a bit more low-key.

Morning songs: Ramsey looks at latest release through light of daybreak


via Denton Record Chronicle

When it comes to writing music, Tyler Ramsey doesn’t have a process.

The former guitarist and co-writer from Band of Horses said he just settles into a room with his instruments and lets the muse sort of rise up to meet him.

“I think really writing comes in waves for me,” Ramsey said, reflecting on his latest solo release, For the Morning, which was released in April. “It feels like when that wave starts to build, I’ll start to write an album. I don’t even really have a process when I write — I can start with anything, humming the melody on the piano or with a lyric. It comes together naturally that way.”

Ramsey is touring with My Morning Jacket guitarist and pedal steel player Carl Broemel. The duo stops in Denton for a show at Andy’s Bar on July 24. Ramsey said the tour — the pair is calling it the “West Coast Duo Quest” — takes them to smaller venues, where Broemel interprets Ramsey’s work and vice versa.

“Band of Horses did some opening shows with My Morning Jacket on an earlier tour,” Ramsey said. “Those guys were really lovely people to hang out with. Carl came through Black Mountain last year and I went out to see him and we met briefly after the show. We had a quick conversation and we decided to book these shows together.”

To shake things up a little, Broemel and Ramsey agreed they would play one another’s music.

“Instead of one person plays their set and then other plays theirs, we decided to try singing each other’s songs. I sing harmonies for him and then he backs me up. It’s a pretty stripped down show, with the Wurlitzer electric [piano] and some other instruments,” Ramsey said. “We did it in February and it was a lot of fun. We’re just going to see what happens.”

Ramsey said the chemistry produced good music.

“When you have someone who you just sit down with, and you’re like, ‘Hey, that was pretty cool, we gotta do that again,’ you find a way to do that,” Ramsey said. “Our voices sound really good together, and our hearts are in a similar place. It just seemed like a good thing to do to tour together. Getting to know each other, I feel like we’ve been able to pour a lot into it. We’re playing the songs we’ve written, but there’s room for improvisation and there’s room for experimentation. I didn’t want Carl to come with the exact same guitar or piano parts that are on the record.”

Broemel will cover some of Ramsey’s tracks from For the Morning. The record is a quiet, reflective album that considers struggle, resignation and transforming suffering into life’s raw material. Ramsey’s surely been compared to Neil Young. The comparison is fair, but his tenor is steadier and smoother. Some of the tracks suggest some brooding or darkness on Ramsey’s part: “Breaking a Heart,” “Bottom of the Sea,” “White Coat” and “Darkest Clouds.”

“It wasn’t deliberate,” Ramsey said. “But it’s like what I was just saying earlier. There is a light-dark thing in these songs. There is trouble and then there are these hopes. That’s one of the things I’ve gotten after a while with this record. There’s a lot about making it through trouble and coming through the other side.”

Ramsey dreams up his music in a house just outside of Asheville, North Carolina. He has a healthy respect for cities and urban spots where creative types come together, but he said he needs some solitude to write a new record. Dirt, sunlight and some green things get his thoughts and ideas cycling.

“For me, walking in the woods can be a way to get away from distractions,” he said. “And basically it’s a way to get away from people, really. The mountains, for me, are a way to get away from the distractions, really. I think when you’re writing something or working on a project, you have to remove yourself not just from the distractions, but from the potential to get distracted.”

Ramsey tells the record’s stories on guitar, pedal steel and piano, mostly. “Firewood” is probably the record’s darkest moment. Ramsey’s narrator wonders about the near future of two people — which one will fall apart or if both will sink together. The drums and electric guitar bring up the sun, though, and a renewed promise to see it through.

“Evening Country” is a midtempo number showing off nostalgic harmonies. In this track lives a broken relationship that seems headed for its end. A gentle chorus of oohs camouflages the narrator’s frustration and regret. “Breaking a Heart” keeps up the midtempo beat and the gnawing desperation to finally put an end to misery, but there’s also a dogged readiness to save a bruised, broken relationship.

“Getting a little distance and having the songs completed, it can make you see things you didn’t before. That happens when you sing a song or when you get up and read a poem you know so well,” Ramsey said. “You get up and share something, and you automatically hear yourself in a different way. The audience is going to hear it and you end up processing it differently. As I perform these songs, I come back to the theme of light and dark. And I’m getting more of a fix on my emotional state when I wrote them.

“You get to look inside your own ideas. You get to repeat those words a lot. Put that emotion into it and you try to do that every night. For me, there’s a lot of analyzing what’s driving the songs.”

The pair’s show at Andy’s came up when Ramsey was looking for a venue. Band of Horses has played with the Denton band Midlake. Midlake guitarist and lead vocalist Eric Pulido is part-owner of Andy’s Bar.

“I’d been wanting to play Eric’s room, and I’ve heard good things about it. I think this is the right show and the right time to play that room,” Ramsey said.

Tyler Ramsey and Carl Broemel Take Their Guitars to Simpler Places on Their Shared Tour


via Dallas Observer

Band of Horses and My Morning Jacket have been two of the past decade’s most influential rock bands. With innovative sonic approaches, deft songwriting, and gentle sprinklings of folk and country, the groups also served as somewhat kindred spirits, both sharing occasional stages and a bevy of like-minded fans.

It was along this route of symmetry that Tyler Ramsey, former guitarist for Band of Horses, and Carl Broemel, My Morning Jacket’s lead guitarist, came together in musical lockstep. Ramsey stepped away from his day job in 2017 and moved to the North Carolina mountains to devote himself to a solo career. So far, it’s proved to be a successful move, as his recent album For The Morning has earned rave reviews and provided him the opportunity to tour worldwide. And though My Morning Jacket hasn’t gone anywhere, the group’s reduced touring schedule has afforded its various members the chance to focus on individual projects.

In the last three years alone, Broemel has released two full-length albums, an eclectic EP of covers, and has been folk-rocker Ray LaMontagne’s lead guitarist. For the remainder of the summer, though, the pair have committed to an extended slew of North American tour dates under the working moniker of West Coast Duo Quest, a name derived for introduction on their initial touring run earlier this year.

“I owed Tyler a ton of money, so I had to work it off by touring and driving him around so he could play shows,” jokes Broemel while recalling the pair's initial meeting. “No, in all seriousness, we met when (our bands) toured together. We have some mutual friends, and I knew and loved Tyler’s solo records so it was always in the back of my mind that I would play with him someday.”

During another chance encounter in 2018 when Broemel’s band played a show near Ramsey’s home, collaborative plans became more solidified.

“We were both pleasantly surprised at how easily things came together and clicked,” Ramsey says. “We started playing some shows and received a lot of positive feedback from people, which was awesome.” As both gentlemen spoke with the Observer from their respective homes, it became easy to see how Ramsey and Broemel decided to collaborate. In addition to finishing each other’s sentences, gently ribbing the other (“Carl won’t come to my house despite my repeated invitations,” Ramsey chided at one point), and their shared appreciation of musical genres, the two continue to learn from and motivate each other.

“I’ve played guitar for a long time and I still don’t know how Tyler does so much of what he does,” Broemel offers forth with admiration. Ramsey is quick to throw praise back: “I think so much of what Carl does is mesmerizing and I’m constantly trying to learn new tricks from him.”

Their kinship and musical prowess are certainly not downplayed in their live performances. Though it’s just the two of them onstage, those attending are treated to a bevy of soundscapes with various pedal boards, pedal steel, keyboards and even a Wurlitzer accompanying the soaring harmonies and guitar interactions. The shared experiences of touring heavily in big rock outfits have also afforded both artists the leisure to slow down and appreciate the quieter moments. They both reference the flexibility in being able to choose where their dining options, hotel locations and roadside pit stops as luxuries typically not available to their other musical endeavors.

“I love rocking out so much, and our shows do get loud, but when you’re playing smaller clubs sometimes the songs get lost if there’s a huge band onstage chugging away,” Broemel says. “So it’s been great to be quiet, talk about and play songs, and not have a huge snare drum blaring away.”

Fewer people onstage, however, means fewer traveling companions. Instead of a luxury bus, Ramsey and Broemel are driving around in a van without a large swath of others to chat up. This also hasn’t seemed to dampen either of the two’s spirits.

“I’m kind of an introvert in that I can be around one or two people consistently and be great with things,” Broemel says. Ramsey agrees: “We’re both pretty introverted people. We decided that we could come up with a podcast for this tour where we drive around in our van, play each other music and just appreciate the silence.”

Should they actually go through with their podcasting idea, though, there are lots of deeper issues both Ramsey and Broemel would be able discuss at length. In addition to their shared profession, they are both fathers who constantly adapt to the rigors of recording and touring and the gaps that their jobs can cause in shared family time.

“When you’re home, you’re 100 percent home,” Ramsey says candidly. “I just got to go see my daughter in a dance show today and we may go camping in the yard later, so it balances out in a cool way where maybe you’re gone for two weeks, but afterwards you’re there and can make up for lost time.”

“The good news is that when I am home, I don’t have a 9 to 5 job so I can be 100 percent involved in what my son’s doing,” adds Broemel. “In the future who knows if I’ll have to get a job outside music, but for now things can be balanced.”

For the near future, this tour serves as the duo’s main focus. However, you can’t keep busy folks down. Ramsey has some solo opening dates lined up and will take his band overseas later this year for a string of European dates. Broemel will reconvene with My Morning Jacket for a pair of August shows at Red Rocks Amphitheater before again linking up with LaMontagne for a string of fall U.S. tour dates. Then, of course, there’s the possibility of a recorded album sprouting from the tour.

“Hopefully I can talk Carl into making a record at some point. I think we should,” Ramsey declares. “If we can come away from this tour still as friends, then we can jump on things.”

Tyler Ramsey and Carl Broemel will play at 8 p.m. Monday, July 22 at The Kessler Theater and at 8 p.m. Wednesday, July 24 at Andy’s in Denton.

West Coast Duo Quest with Carl Broemel


Very excited to share the news that Tyler will be heading back out on the road with Carl Broemel (My Morning Jacket) for the West Coast Duo Quest - a new leg of the collaborative shows the pair put together earlier this Spring! Tickets for the shows are on sale now, and be on the lookout for more dates to be added real soon.

Hope to see you out there!

July 7 @ Knuckleheads in Kansas City, MO | Tickets*
July 9 @ Larimer Lounge in Denver, CO | Tickets*
July 11 @ Live from the Divide in Bozeman, MT | SOLD OUT*
July 12 @ The Bartlett in Spokane, WA | Tickets*
July 13 @ Polaris Music Hall in Portland, OR | Tickets*
July 14 @ Columbia City Theatre in Seattle, WA | Tickets*
July 16 @ UC Botanical Garden in Berkeley, CA | Tickets*
July 18 @ Highland Park Ebell Club in Los Angeles, CA | Tickets*

Carl Broemel & Tyler Ramsey in Illinois (A Gallery)


via Relix

My Morning Jacket guitarist Carl Broemel and former Band of Horses lead guitarist Tyler Ramsay recently teamed up for a short duo tour throughout the Midwest. Stephen Bloch shared some photos from the guitarists’ stop at Evanston, IL’s S.P.A.C.E. on Friday night. View the full gallery at

Music Journeys: Carl Broemel and Tyler Ramsey


via WCBE

Two musicians who've spent more of their time touring in bands than on their own have completed new solo releases and joined forces for a set of shows. Carl Broemel of My Morning Jacket and Tyler Ramsey, formerly of Band of Horses, bring their tour to Columbus tonight and WCBE for a live session this afternoon. Be sure and listen to the full podcast just below the feature. Broemel and Ramsey share more about their new songs, memories of their bands, and you'll enjoy the songs they select in the Fast Five.

Dark Matter plays...

Carl Broemel says his latest release titled Wished Out represents a bit of his personal journey navigating current times.

"There's a lot of negativity and strangeness and confusion in the world, and I realized I was taking part in it," Broemel said. "I wanted to change that. If there's a theme to the record, it's taking control of your life and taking responsibility for how it feels no matter how much the external world seems to be causing it all. You have a way to flip a switch and make it work."

Wished Out plays...

"It's enlightening to do it because I realize what I'm good at and not good at," Broemel said of working on solo material. "I'm not 100 percent comfortable being the front guy. But when I get through it, I'm glad for the challenge. I adore working with other singers and songwriters. That's my role in this world. 'm just trying to make something better than the last one."

Broemel's current collaborator on the music scene shares similar sentiments.

A Dream Of Home plays...

The song A Dream of Home comes from new material Tyler Ramsey releases in April. Ramsey spent a decade with the group Band of Horses. His new music reflects the changes in his life, including becoming a father for the first time.

"It's that thing that any working parent goes through whether you're a touring musician or going to work in an office," Ramsey said. "We all have to make a living to support our family, but you want to be around as much as you can to help and experience such a life-changing thing. I felt I was missing out on that. There's a shift in my focus now where I need to do my own songs and if I'm going to be out touring, it needs to be at my own pace."

Ramsey and Broemel say they're looking forward to touring together.

"He feels like a musical brother," Ramsey said. "In the process of learning his songs and digging in, I'm in awe of his arrangements. His guitar playing is a contrast to mine. He's such a great solo player, so figuring out how to support him in the songs, it's going to be fun."

"Our bands did many shows together before he left Band of Horses," Broemel said. "He's a super talented guitar player who's also a singer but wasn't the lead singer. It's a bit of an experiment. We're pals but we've never really played together. We're going to do shows where it won't be separate sets. It'll be one set where we accompany each other and bounce songs back and forth."

Broemel and Ramsey bring their tour to Columbus tonight at the Rumba Cafe. They also perform Live From Studio A here at WCBE this afternoon during the Global Village.

Listen to the Podcast at

Concert preview: Tyler Ramsey & Carl Broemel at Rumba Cafe

via Columbus Alive

Former Band of Horses guitarist and co-writer readies forthcoming album, ‘For the Morning,’ and partners with My Morning Jacket’s Carl Broemel on duo tour

Tyler Ramsey lives near Mount Pisgah, one of the bigger mountains on the Blue Ridge Parkway, southwest of Asheville, North Carolina. It’s a postcard-worthy setting, and that natural environment tends to make its way into Ramsey’s songs.

“I think it has a huge impact on what I do,” Ramsey said recently by phone from his home. “I do get out in the mountains a lot. ... Sometimes it gives me the opportunity to get the space that I need to work out lyric ideas in my head while I’m walking in the woods. There’s something about the rhythm of walking in the woods that can help songs. It’s helped me finish songs that were being stubborn. Just having that solitude is important for the way that I write.”

Ramsey wrote some of his forthcoming album, For the Morning (out April 5 on Fantasy Records), during his tenure as lead guitarist and co-writer in Band of Horses, a group he departed after 10 years in 2017. Other songs took shape at home during bleary-eyed nights as he tried to lull his then-infant daughter to sleep by playing guitar or piano.

“She didn’t sleep very well for a long time, and still kind of doesn’t, but I spent a lot of time with her in a carrier when I was home from tours,” he said. “I’d have her in a carrier and be playing the piano with her asleep on my chest. ‘For the Morning’ came directly from that experience, and that time of being a parent for the first time. I don’t know if the lyrics really reflect that, but the mood of it does.”

Ramsey, a Cincinnati native, made home demos of the songs and then headed to Louisville to record the follow up to his 2011 album, The Valley Wind, with engineer Kevin Ratterman and musician Seth Kauffman (Floating Action). In the process, Ratterman invited other Louisville musicians to come by and play on various For the Morning songs. Joan Shelley contributes gorgeous harmonies on “Cheap Summer Dress,” and Nathan Salsburg lends his guitar work to an instrumental track. There are cameos from Thad Cockrell and Molly Parden, and pedal steel player Russ Paul helped transform Band of Horses track “Evening Kitchen” into a Southern send-up, now titled “Evening Country.”

For this tour, which will make a stop at Rumba Cafe on Monday, Feb. 25, Ramsey is partnering with Carl Broemel, a solo musician best known for his guitar work in My Morning Jacket.

“We’re going to do each other’s music. I’m going to go hang out with him for a couple of days, and we’re going to rehearse, but we’ve both been at home working on each other’s songs,” Ramsey said, then chuckled. “We were laughing, because Carl and I have never played music together.”

But Ramsey isn’t worried. He’s excited. Sometimes shaking things up can transform his music in ways he never anticipated. “These songs have already been going through a lot of change,” he said. “It seems like these songs are taking on a really cool new meaning.”

Rumba Cafe
8 p.m. Monday, Feb. 25
2507 Summit St., North Campus

Looking Forward To: Tyler Ramsey + Carl Broemel @ The Burl 2/19


via Dead Audio Blog

Tyler Ramsey (former lead guitarist and co-songwriter for Band of Horses) and Carl Broemel (guitarist of My Morning Jacket) are headed to The Burl this coming Tuesday, February 19th to kickoff their co-headlining 2019 Winter Duo Tour.

Touring in support of his upcoming album For the Morning due out April 5th, Ramsey has honed his signature sound, weaving elements of Rock, Folk and Country to create an album that focuses on change and balance, something every touring musician has to come to terms with at some point in their career.

Filled with expert guitar work, twinkling pianos and wistful, nostalgic lyrics, For the Morning finds Ramsey yearning for his peaceful, family-centric life at home in Asheville, NC., all while questioning the Rock n’ Roll lifestyle that comes with being a part of a household, Grammy-nominated outfit like Band of Horses. This is perhaps best illustrated on the catchy lead track “A Dream of Home” (available for listening below). All this translates to album that is both meditative, soulful and full of depth and beauty, all while reinforcing Ramsey as one of Americana’s most gifted songwriters.


Released in late 2018, Carl Broemel is still on the road showcasing his fourth solo album Wished Out, a guitar-shredding, vocal-heavy record that features several tracks that wouldn’t be out of place on any MMJ venture, such as the opening track “Dark Matter”. On Wished Out, Broemel also seizes the opportunity separate himself from the band with slower, acoustic-driven tracks like “Starting From Scratch” with simple structures that make for perfect crowd sing-alongs.

The 2019 Winter Duo Tour is a short run of shows that will pair two of the best Americana/Folk artists for a special night of meaningful tunes, however I wouldn’t be surprised if we get a few guitar-heavy barnburners throughout the sets.


2019 Winter Duo Tour
Tyler Ramsey + Carl Broemel
The Burl - Lexington, KY
February 19, 2019

LexGo! Winter Duo Tour Comes to The Burl



8 p.m. Feb. 19 at The Burl, 375 Thompson Rd. $15.

Here is an intriguing winter diversion — a pair of proven song stylists familiar to regional audiences through music made with their highly visible bands playing in a duo setting. That’s the premise for a week-long string of performances featuring guitarist Tyler Ramsey, formerly of the acclaimed North Carolina troupe Band of Horses, and fellow fret-man Carl Broemel of top Louisville rock export My Morning Jacket. Both artists have new but very different recordings to promote.

Ramsey will be previewing music from “For the Morning,” his first solo album since departing Band of Horses in 2017 and his fourth album overall. It’s a hushed, neo-country colored set of songs that sound summon early ‘70s Southern California introspection with a heavy Neil Young-meets-Eagles accent. It was recorded during sessions in a home studio constructed outside of Band of Horses’ Asheville, N.C., home base.

Curiously, Ramsey echoes some of the sounds Broemel designed on past records. But on “Wished Out,” the latter’s fourth and newest album, the mood shifts. While Broemel has said Southern California, especially a series of drives and hikes through Malibu, inspired one of the record’s highlight tunes, “Starting from Scratch,” much of the new music accelerates into a huge, bright and pop-worshiping electric drive that might catch fans of his previous solo albums (especially 2016’s fine “4th of July”) off guard. Broemel cut “Wished Out” with help from two of his MMJ bandmates, bassist Tom Blankenship and keyboardist Bo Koster.

Though essentially a co-headlining bill, Ramsey and Broemel will be very much a team when they play The Burl on Feb. 19. The two will collaborate on each other’s songs and serve up, as indicated on Ramsey’s website, “some special covers.”

Winter 2019 Duo Tour with Carl Broemel


Tyler Ramsey will join Carl Broemel (My Morning Jacket) for the Winter 2019 Duo Tour - a run of intimate shows that will see the two guitarists together onstage accompanying each other on a mix of both their own material, as well as some special covers. Tickets for the tour are on sale now. Hope to see you at a show!

February 19 @ The Burl in Lexington, KY | Tickets*
February 20 @ The Bishop in Bloomington, IN | Tickets*
February 21 @ Raccoon Motel in Davenport, IA | Tickets*
February 22 @ Space in Evanston, IL | Tickets*
February 24 @ Mac’s Bar in Lansing, MI | Tickets*
February 25 @ Rumba Cafe in Columbus, OH | Tickets*
February 26 @ Ludlow Garage in Cincinnati, OH | Tickets*