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Carl Broemel & Tyler Ramsey in Illinois (A Gallery)


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My Morning Jacket guitarist Carl Broemel and former Band of Horses lead guitarist Tyler Ramsay recently teamed up for a short duo tour throughout the Midwest. Stephen Bloch shared some photos from the guitarists’ stop at Evanston, IL’s S.P.A.C.E. on Friday night. View the full gallery at

Music Journeys: Carl Broemel and Tyler Ramsey


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Two musicians who've spent more of their time touring in bands than on their own have completed new solo releases and joined forces for a set of shows. Carl Broemel of My Morning Jacket and Tyler Ramsey, formerly of Band of Horses, bring their tour to Columbus tonight and WCBE for a live session this afternoon. Be sure and listen to the full podcast just below the feature. Broemel and Ramsey share more about their new songs, memories of their bands, and you'll enjoy the songs they select in the Fast Five.

Dark Matter plays...

Carl Broemel says his latest release titled Wished Out represents a bit of his personal journey navigating current times.

"There's a lot of negativity and strangeness and confusion in the world, and I realized I was taking part in it," Broemel said. "I wanted to change that. If there's a theme to the record, it's taking control of your life and taking responsibility for how it feels no matter how much the external world seems to be causing it all. You have a way to flip a switch and make it work."

Wished Out plays...

"It's enlightening to do it because I realize what I'm good at and not good at," Broemel said of working on solo material. "I'm not 100 percent comfortable being the front guy. But when I get through it, I'm glad for the challenge. I adore working with other singers and songwriters. That's my role in this world. 'm just trying to make something better than the last one."

Broemel's current collaborator on the music scene shares similar sentiments.

A Dream Of Home plays...

The song A Dream of Home comes from new material Tyler Ramsey releases in April. Ramsey spent a decade with the group Band of Horses. His new music reflects the changes in his life, including becoming a father for the first time.

"It's that thing that any working parent goes through whether you're a touring musician or going to work in an office," Ramsey said. "We all have to make a living to support our family, but you want to be around as much as you can to help and experience such a life-changing thing. I felt I was missing out on that. There's a shift in my focus now where I need to do my own songs and if I'm going to be out touring, it needs to be at my own pace."

Ramsey and Broemel say they're looking forward to touring together.

"He feels like a musical brother," Ramsey said. "In the process of learning his songs and digging in, I'm in awe of his arrangements. His guitar playing is a contrast to mine. He's such a great solo player, so figuring out how to support him in the songs, it's going to be fun."

"Our bands did many shows together before he left Band of Horses," Broemel said. "He's a super talented guitar player who's also a singer but wasn't the lead singer. It's a bit of an experiment. We're pals but we've never really played together. We're going to do shows where it won't be separate sets. It'll be one set where we accompany each other and bounce songs back and forth."

Broemel and Ramsey bring their tour to Columbus tonight at the Rumba Cafe. They also perform Live From Studio A here at WCBE this afternoon during the Global Village.

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Concert preview: Tyler Ramsey & Carl Broemel at Rumba Cafe

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Former Band of Horses guitarist and co-writer readies forthcoming album, ‘For the Morning,’ and partners with My Morning Jacket’s Carl Broemel on duo tour

Tyler Ramsey lives near Mount Pisgah, one of the bigger mountains on the Blue Ridge Parkway, southwest of Asheville, North Carolina. It’s a postcard-worthy setting, and that natural environment tends to make its way into Ramsey’s songs.

“I think it has a huge impact on what I do,” Ramsey said recently by phone from his home. “I do get out in the mountains a lot. ... Sometimes it gives me the opportunity to get the space that I need to work out lyric ideas in my head while I’m walking in the woods. There’s something about the rhythm of walking in the woods that can help songs. It’s helped me finish songs that were being stubborn. Just having that solitude is important for the way that I write.”

Ramsey wrote some of his forthcoming album, For the Morning (out April 5 on Fantasy Records), during his tenure as lead guitarist and co-writer in Band of Horses, a group he departed after 10 years in 2017. Other songs took shape at home during bleary-eyed nights as he tried to lull his then-infant daughter to sleep by playing guitar or piano.

“She didn’t sleep very well for a long time, and still kind of doesn’t, but I spent a lot of time with her in a carrier when I was home from tours,” he said. “I’d have her in a carrier and be playing the piano with her asleep on my chest. ‘For the Morning’ came directly from that experience, and that time of being a parent for the first time. I don’t know if the lyrics really reflect that, but the mood of it does.”

Ramsey, a Cincinnati native, made home demos of the songs and then headed to Louisville to record the follow up to his 2011 album, The Valley Wind, with engineer Kevin Ratterman and musician Seth Kauffman (Floating Action). In the process, Ratterman invited other Louisville musicians to come by and play on various For the Morning songs. Joan Shelley contributes gorgeous harmonies on “Cheap Summer Dress,” and Nathan Salsburg lends his guitar work to an instrumental track. There are cameos from Thad Cockrell and Molly Parden, and pedal steel player Russ Paul helped transform Band of Horses track “Evening Kitchen” into a Southern send-up, now titled “Evening Country.”

For this tour, which will make a stop at Rumba Cafe on Monday, Feb. 25, Ramsey is partnering with Carl Broemel, a solo musician best known for his guitar work in My Morning Jacket.

“We’re going to do each other’s music. I’m going to go hang out with him for a couple of days, and we’re going to rehearse, but we’ve both been at home working on each other’s songs,” Ramsey said, then chuckled. “We were laughing, because Carl and I have never played music together.”

But Ramsey isn’t worried. He’s excited. Sometimes shaking things up can transform his music in ways he never anticipated. “These songs have already been going through a lot of change,” he said. “It seems like these songs are taking on a really cool new meaning.”

Rumba Cafe
8 p.m. Monday, Feb. 25
2507 Summit St., North Campus

Looking Forward To: Tyler Ramsey + Carl Broemel @ The Burl 2/19


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Tyler Ramsey (former lead guitarist and co-songwriter for Band of Horses) and Carl Broemel (guitarist of My Morning Jacket) are headed to The Burl this coming Tuesday, February 19th to kickoff their co-headlining 2019 Winter Duo Tour.

Touring in support of his upcoming album For the Morning due out April 5th, Ramsey has honed his signature sound, weaving elements of Rock, Folk and Country to create an album that focuses on change and balance, something every touring musician has to come to terms with at some point in their career.

Filled with expert guitar work, twinkling pianos and wistful, nostalgic lyrics, For the Morning finds Ramsey yearning for his peaceful, family-centric life at home in Asheville, NC., all while questioning the Rock n’ Roll lifestyle that comes with being a part of a household, Grammy-nominated outfit like Band of Horses. This is perhaps best illustrated on the catchy lead track “A Dream of Home” (available for listening below). All this translates to album that is both meditative, soulful and full of depth and beauty, all while reinforcing Ramsey as one of Americana’s most gifted songwriters.


Released in late 2018, Carl Broemel is still on the road showcasing his fourth solo album Wished Out, a guitar-shredding, vocal-heavy record that features several tracks that wouldn’t be out of place on any MMJ venture, such as the opening track “Dark Matter”. On Wished Out, Broemel also seizes the opportunity separate himself from the band with slower, acoustic-driven tracks like “Starting From Scratch” with simple structures that make for perfect crowd sing-alongs.

The 2019 Winter Duo Tour is a short run of shows that will pair two of the best Americana/Folk artists for a special night of meaningful tunes, however I wouldn’t be surprised if we get a few guitar-heavy barnburners throughout the sets.


2019 Winter Duo Tour
Tyler Ramsey + Carl Broemel
The Burl - Lexington, KY
February 19, 2019

LexGo! Winter Duo Tour Comes to The Burl



8 p.m. Feb. 19 at The Burl, 375 Thompson Rd. $15.

Here is an intriguing winter diversion — a pair of proven song stylists familiar to regional audiences through music made with their highly visible bands playing in a duo setting. That’s the premise for a week-long string of performances featuring guitarist Tyler Ramsey, formerly of the acclaimed North Carolina troupe Band of Horses, and fellow fret-man Carl Broemel of top Louisville rock export My Morning Jacket. Both artists have new but very different recordings to promote.

Ramsey will be previewing music from “For the Morning,” his first solo album since departing Band of Horses in 2017 and his fourth album overall. It’s a hushed, neo-country colored set of songs that sound summon early ‘70s Southern California introspection with a heavy Neil Young-meets-Eagles accent. It was recorded during sessions in a home studio constructed outside of Band of Horses’ Asheville, N.C., home base.

Curiously, Ramsey echoes some of the sounds Broemel designed on past records. But on “Wished Out,” the latter’s fourth and newest album, the mood shifts. While Broemel has said Southern California, especially a series of drives and hikes through Malibu, inspired one of the record’s highlight tunes, “Starting from Scratch,” much of the new music accelerates into a huge, bright and pop-worshiping electric drive that might catch fans of his previous solo albums (especially 2016’s fine “4th of July”) off guard. Broemel cut “Wished Out” with help from two of his MMJ bandmates, bassist Tom Blankenship and keyboardist Bo Koster.

Though essentially a co-headlining bill, Ramsey and Broemel will be very much a team when they play The Burl on Feb. 19. The two will collaborate on each other’s songs and serve up, as indicated on Ramsey’s website, “some special covers.”

Winter 2019 Duo Tour with Carl Broemel


Tyler Ramsey will join Carl Broemel (My Morning Jacket) for the Winter 2019 Duo Tour - a run of intimate shows that will see the two guitarists together onstage accompanying each other on a mix of both their own material, as well as some special covers. Tickets for the tour are on sale now. Hope to see you at a show!

February 19 @ The Burl in Lexington, KY | Tickets*
February 20 @ The Bishop in Bloomington, IN | Tickets*
February 21 @ Raccoon Motel in Davenport, IA | Tickets*
February 22 @ Space in Evanston, IL | Tickets*
February 24 @ Mac’s Bar in Lansing, MI | Tickets*
February 25 @ Rumba Cafe in Columbus, OH | Tickets*
February 26 @ Ludlow Garage in Cincinnati, OH | Tickets*